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Posting something really dirty in between commissions =D

I wasn’t even supposed to do anything like this, but I wanted to try out my Iwatobi Swim Club pool map and color mod for Garry’s Mod… and suddenly I found myself posing this?! HAHA!

From left to right: Uzumaki Naruto, Tachibana Makoto, Nanase Haruka, Kurosaki Ichigo.

I haven’t had a chance to do anything as hardcore as this for a while, so I thought why not post it!

There isn’t a story behind this, just some raunchy 4some. The boys are wrecking Haruka’s anus and Ichigo’s ready to shove his big, fat cock inside him! Naruto’s warming up and enjoying his anal beads at the meantime. I also wanted to include a LOT of feet, because I’m frequently getting emails like > “Gnin! Do feet this and feet that” lol. So, here you go, fuckmuffins <3

A lot of hardcore smut coming up including commissions and models ;)


Nude Snow Villiers For Gmod & SFM



Ohhh yes! This is finally happening! Took a little break from commissions to get this out! I had my first Snow model done couple years ago, but he was so mangled you guys couldn’t have enjoyed posing with him. Now it’s all changed! I had Snow fixed by one of my best guys and I even updated his textures for his body / feet / cock!

The model works perfectly but there’s couple seams that can’t be removed, no matter how well i skin matched it. It’s not a big of a deal. The seams are around the neck and one is where the dick is attached to the body.

If you’re posing with my nude Snow, please upload your smexy gay sexposes to

From me, to you! Naughty Snow Villiers, ladies and gents! <3 Enjoy!!

With Love



Nude Tidus for Source Filmmaker.

Download him here. <—-

My port of a nude Tidus from Final Fantasy 10.

Some notes about him:

  • He has a bit of a seam around his neck from the headhack. I tried to clean it up the best I could, but it’s still noticalbe from some angles.
  • His textures are a bit low resolution. I’m not that great at textures, so if someone wants the source files, I would be happy to pass them along.
  • He has adjuster bones in his upper-arms, so that can make posing with the rig a bit awkward for some people.

Credits to xo-bahamut-ox for the XPS meshmod. (

Credits to Valnoressa for the great poster of him. (

Credits to Square-Enix for Final Fantasy on the whole.

Nice work with this :3 Looking forward to using him in the future!

Featured! Go get him!

Hey Guys,

I’m doing this post to help my dear art buddy, Anma. Most of you know him and his gorgeous artwork:

Anma’s currently unemployed and living in UK, it isn’t being too easy for him and being poor sucks as we all know. However, we have a chance to help him by ordering one of his fabulous commissions or sending him a donation. Either of these two would be a GREAT help. PLEASE support!

Anma’s commission prices are:

1 character 50 £
2 characters 70 £
( additional character + 25 £)

1 colored character with bg 90 £ -1 colored character without background 70£
2 colored characters with bg 120 £ —additional character + 30 £

Art Samples

anma - Young justice commission anma - Kiba Relaxing anma - Thundercats commission anma - random Emo boys anma - Kiba wanking in the class anma - Kouga  is captured by Inuyahsa anma - Naruto -Sasuke comic anma - Itachi and sasuke anma - Kiba shika-naughty secret of the alley anma - Fairy tail anma - Frankenichigo and mummy renji anma - Kouga  is captured by Inuyahsa

Anma will update his commission info here:

I don’t have a donation button for Anma yet, but if you’d rather like to send a donation, please send them to his PayPal address : You can decide yourself how much you’d like to send, i’m sure everything counts.

Also, you’re free to share this post! BIG thanks for everyone! I’m off to do a donation =D


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