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Hey Guys,

I’m doing this post to help my dear art buddy, Anma. Most of you know him and his gorgeous artwork:

Anma’s currently unemployed and living in UK, it isn’t being too easy for him and being poor sucks as we all know. However, we have a chance to help him by ordering one of his fabulous commissions or sending him a donation. Either of these two would be a GREAT help. PLEASE support!

Anma’s commission prices are:

1 character 50 £
2 characters 70 £
( additional character + 25 £)

1 colored character with bg 90 £ -1 colored character without background 70£
2 colored characters with bg 120 £ —additional character + 30 £

Art Samples

anma - Young justice commission anma - Kiba Relaxing anma - Thundercats commission anma - random Emo boys anma - Kiba wanking in the class anma - Kouga  is captured by Inuyahsa anma - Naruto -Sasuke comic anma - Itachi and sasuke anma - Kiba shika-naughty secret of the alley anma - Fairy tail anma - Frankenichigo and mummy renji anma - Kouga  is captured by Inuyahsa

Anma will update his commission info here:

I don’t have a donation button for Anma yet, but if you’d rather like to send a donation, please send them to his PayPal address : You can decide yourself how much you’d like to send, i’m sure everything counts.

Also, you’re free to share this post! BIG thanks for everyone! I’m off to do a donation =D


Mickey Promo

Hello Folks!

It’s been a LONG weekend! I’ve been hammering commissions and fixing the VERY anticipated Nude Naruto models for next week! Flynn Rider, Javik, Sinbad and the old man of the sea… oh GOD, there’s so much to come =D. ALSO! I can tell you that Gmod has had some issues lately, so if you happen to bump into any kind of model issues, e.g missing textures, black & purple shit all over the model, OR invisible body parts, then drop me an email and I’ll try to help you out.

Okay then! This is quite the special treat I’m giving here. This naughty Mickey Mouse model goes to one of my MOST charming commission clients ever, Stevie Roo! What makes this so special, IS, that I hired one of my personal modelers and bought this as a present for Roo AND I also worked on this myself. Naughty Mickey is fully posable ( including face/ finger posing ) and has been compiled for Gmod and SFM. Mickey can be easily converted for XNA if necessary. This was a nice surprise present, that I wanted to give as token of gratitude for one of the sweetest people that has ever commissioned me. Sometimes I just wanna buy something back, hahaha! Big Hugs to you, Roo! I hope you like your commission bonus!

Alrighty guys! I’m sorry to keep this ultra short, but I’ve been up around the clock, AGAIN! I’ll try to make a quick return with the fixed Naruto Nudies ;). Gmod has gotten some weird, random updates, so I just checked Naru, Kiba, Shika and Sasu and they’re all working like they should! This shitty lil prev proves that they’re cominggggg =D Stay in yer pants for a while longer!

I’m off to bed! Cya later!

With Love


Finally gotten rid of the irritating cough! YAY! #nomoresick

Those who are on my Facebook know about the absolute fucking nightmare I had to deal with my mom. I could’ve NEVER expected her situation to be that bad! You guys know what I went through there and I wan’t to thank all of you who took time to send me a cheering email / PM <3 It meant SO much to me, I love you!

A lot of stuff happened during 2013 and I was buried in work most of the time. One of my friends passed right before Xmas, then there was my mom’s situation and one of my dearest art buddies, Joe Phillips had to get his foot amputated!! There’s so much to list, but I’ll spare you from that for now. All I can say… the year was in-SANE! NOT exactly a jolly ending for already stressful year.

Enough for the sad stuff, let’s get to the post.

On 8.11.2013 was once again the time for a wonderful event, Bent Con and since the guys have been sending me a message each year about taking part in it, this year I did =D. Unfortunately the print company I’ve been relying on all these years had some inside drama and most of my paintings didn’t get to North Hollywood. That doesn’t matter though, since one of my biggest submissions GOT there and was featured @ the con. big thanks to the crew. My Finnish colleague flew all the way from Finland to L.A for me to meet my artists friends and delivered the big ass poster to the con. The subject was my friend and amazing porn producer, DJ, diva and a fierce queen, the one and only, Chi Chi Larue. Here’s how it looks:

BentCon2013 ChiChi Larue

Go check Chi Chi’s porn shop at :
ORRR if you fancy a Brent Everett rubber cock and other similar treats, go here:

I also did a series of EROTIC pin-ups of my friends and art colleagues. This is the stuff that sadly never got to the con, due to the print company hassle. Since they didn’t make their way there, I decided to spruce them up a bit and added more detail! I’ll be posting more of these in between commissions, as the other artwork as well, but here’s two for starters =D

First piece goes to a great new friend and amazing person, Jasun Mark. Jasun is a porn producer, artist, blogger and smart as a whip! I’ve been following Jasun on his VIMEO acco for a while before I got to know him. I knew right away I’d have to draw him one day and the day came! Here’s how Jasun’s pin-up looks like!


click img to enlarge

Go check Jasun’s vids at his VIMEO acco:
Also, don’t forget to visit his website:

My next victi… I mean “subjects” are my awesome buddies, artist Jezza Smilez and Cosplayer & MEGAGEEK Paul Charles, aka the Gay Comic Geek ( ).

2013-11-09 20.19.08

click img to enlarge

These two dirty apes are probably THE most perverse human beings I’ve ever known, hahaha! Paul’s fans have been sending me msgs about his pin-up every single week, no more waiting! THE TIME has finally come =D. If you’re one of those, fantasizing of Paul, then you’re in for a treat! This is how their pin-up looks like:


click img to enlarge

Jezza and his artwork can be found from:

If you wanna go visit Paul, go here:

Paul’s website:
Paul’s Youtube:

Alrighty then! That’s pretty much it for now, but I’ll be posting more later on AND more frequently, now that my life isn’t such a fucking tornado of personal life stuff ^ drama anymore =D

PS: Many have asked about the webshop and the nude models ( including Bleach and Naruto nudies ), rest assured, both purchasable AND free models will be up as soon as the shop is functioning properly and can be added to the nav bar. It shouldn’t be too long. Please try not to forget that I’m ridiculously busy and only one man. Be patient! Thank you <3

Lotsa Love!

Hello Folks,

Featuring the awesomely talented Pipedude’s nude models for SFM! These models are for SOURCE FILMMAKER ( Chuck G, is for SFM AND Gmod ). If you’re new to either of these posing softs, do your research on Google and avoid asking stupid questions. Gmod Noobie Tut is pinned on my left sidebar and SFM is on the right side. Help yourself out =D

Here’s what Pipedude has to offer to you (THESE ARE GIF ANIMATIONS! CLICK TO ENLARGE!):

5078 - Chuck_Greene Dead_Rising_2 Piers_Nivans Resident_evil animation pipedude sourcefilmmaker

Chuck Greene ( Dead Rising 2) drilling Piers Nivans ( Resident Evil 6)

4728 - Chris_Redfield Piers_Nivans RE6 Resident_evil SFM pipedude resident_evil_6 source_filmmaker

Piers Nivans (Resident Evil 6) rubbin’ on Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 6)


Dead Rising 2 Chuck Greene - SFM

Get him here -
(Drilldo not included)

Get the GMOD version here -


Resident Evil 6 Piers - SFM

(Note that this model is cockless)
get him here -


Resident Evil 6 Chris /Beta - SFM

Get Him Here -


I’m sorry to keep this short, but I managed to catch cold and I have an irritating fever going on atm. I need painkillers & bed +___+ GAHHHH,

Enjoy Pipe’s treats at the meanwhile! I’ll be back soon =D

By the way! How was your Xmas and New Year?

Lotsa Hugs!

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